Secure File Store

Secure File Store is a secure cloud storage facility for saving and sharing your files.

The website is under construction but the file storage is up and running in the background. If you would like a secure file storage and sharing system without using one of the big players get in touch.

We use the Nextcloud system for the cloud storage. That allows our clients to have a highly secure and feature rich cloud storage facility configured to meet their needs.

The Nextlcloud system has free apps for computers, iOS and Android to automatically synchronise files from all your devices. In addition your cloud account can be accessed via the web where you can share files of folders with others. Shares can be password protected, read only, read/write or upload only.

All files are stored on our own server and backed up every night to a separate server in another data centre.

Should you need a secure offsite backup facility for servers or individual devices we also offer our Secure File Backup service.